my photography


some photos taken with a home made pinhole camera. artboard, tape, a brass shim and 4x5 film.


pictures of my wife, natasha


a variety of black and white images chosen for the shapes made, more so than the subject matter. I like the curves of the bridge with its shadow returning to form an ellipse.


i worked on a project for a while, taking pictures of street musicians and other entertainers in the subway, and then in other locations around manhattan.


a few shots from an exercise for a photo 1 class with my friend christine. some of my earlier work, but I liked a number of the results.


european architecture. some of my earlier black and white work.

alt printing

images printed with alternative techniquies. in this case, cyanotype.


a bit of color negative photography. i like the some of the results, but i enjoy the monochrome processes more.