Paper Mache

A webOS and Android client for the popular Instapaper service to save web pages and read them later.


An Enyo 2.0 kind to roughly emulate the horizontal scrolling Panorama Control with a parallax effect in Windows Phone 8


An Enyo 2.0 kind to roughy emulate the Windows Phone 8 Pivot Menu control that provides a 'tabbed'-like control for switching between panels with custom titles


An Enyo 2.0 kind to control view switching from animated left and right menus.


An Enyo 2.0 Scroller kind that "snaps" to each item. Similar to Enyo 1.0 control.


WSH script in javascript to extract appointments from Microsoft Outlook and save them to iCalendar (.ics) format, and thus usable in iCal on the Mac, phpicalendar or a number of other tools. Adapted from VB macro for Outlook by Norm Jones.

Just run the script by default it will place and .ics file in your C:\ root. Adjust the script to place the file wherever you'd like.

If you also install Outlook Redemption you can export the full descriptions while avoiding the security prompt.

download .js (10k)   download .zip (3k)