Panorama, an Enyo 2.0 kind to roughly emulate the horizontal scrolling Panorama Control with a parallax effect in Windows Phone 8.

You can side swipe to slide thru the panels of the panorama, and it wraps around to first panel. The title and background image are shifted as you scroll thru the panels creating the parallax effect.

Based on the Panels/Arranger controls.

title - define a component to create for the title across the panorama.
margin - the amount to 'peek' the next panel, typically ~10% of the viewport on WP.
backgroundSrc - path to the image to load for the background. Can also just apply via CSS to ".rwatkins-panorama"
titleParallax - multiplier for the parallax effect on the title component
backgroundParallax - multiplier for the parallax effect on the title component

Source and examples available at

Requires the 'layout' Enyo library for Panel/Arranger components.

Tested platforms include: Chrome 24+, Safari 6.0.2+, Firefox 17+, Windows Phone 8.0

Copyright © 2013 Ryan Watkins

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