paper mache : introduction


Paper Mache allows you to save and read text on your webOS device.

You can browse the web and save articles to read later. A text optimized version is automatically downloaded for reading offline. Paper Mache is built on the Instapaper service.

Paper Mache syncs the current reading position of your articles so you can always pick up where you left off, supports scrolling and paged reading modes, light and dark themes, folders, "like" and sharing, and the ability for other applications to save directly to Paper Mache.

Paper Mache is written by Ryan Watkins. Instapaper is a web, iPhone and iPad application created and run by Marco Arment. You need a paid subscription to Instapaper to use Paper Mache. While the webOS Paper Mache application is free, the $1/month subscription fee goes to Instapaper to provide the servers that run this service. Paper Mache uses the Instapaper API, but is not affiliated with Instapaper, LLC. Instapaper is not run by Ryan Watkins.


To get started, select a folder and then an article to read. In the toolbar at the bottom, there is a grab button you can use to expand the reading area, or return to the folder or article lists, much like the webOS Mail application.

Scroll the article to read. A two fingered "power" scroll will go directly to the start or end of the article.

adding pages

To add other articles, select "Add Articles" to view a regularly curated list of articles from and , as well as the New York Times, The New Yorker. Browse the list and click "Read Later" to save any article to Paper Mache.

You can also install the "Read Later" bookmarklet in the web browser of your desktop or laptop computer and save web pages that are automatically synced with Paper Mache for reading on your webOS device.

You can also forward a page via mail to your special email address. On the "Extras" page at, there is an email address you can send articles to. Articles sent to this address are added to you "Unread" folder. Use the "Share Link" function from the webOS Browser to send pages this email address and it will save and add the full article for Paper Mache. You may wish to save this to your Contacts and then be able to easily save by emailing any page from your Browser to this address.

You can also add any web page via the "Add by URL ..." option in the Paper Mache application menu.

For the TouchPad, a "patch" for an "Add to Paper Mache" link in the webOS Browser share button is available via Preware . For phones there is a similar "Super Sharing Mix" patch that allows you to save to Instapaper and thus Paper Mache.

adjust display

To adjust the font, margin and other display settings for an article, select the "A" icon in the toolbar.

"Paged" mode switches the article from the normal scrolling mode to a paged mode where you can click the right or left side of the article to go forward and back a single page at a time.

You can also swipe left and right, or up or down to move a page as well. A two fingered swipe up or down will go to the beginning or end of the article.


When you finish reading an article, you can archive or delete it from the "Unread" list via the "Archive" button in the toolbar (a little cabinet), or by swiping the article entry in the list.

The folder icon in the toolbar will display a menu to allow you to move it to a different folder, or you can tap-and-hold it from the article list.

Articles in any folder can also be marked 'liked' by selecting the "Heart" icon, and all 'liked' articles are also listed in a special 'liked' folder.

You can add folders in the folder list and swipe to delete them. Tap-and-hold on a folder will allow you to manually sync an individual folder.

To "search" tap the field at the bottom of the folders column and enter a search term. Paper Mache will then search article titles and short descriptions for matches.


Paper Mache automatically syncs in the background, even when not running. This allows you to sync changes with other devices, and automatically receive articles for offline reading.

Automatic sync can be configured from the Preferences page, accessible from the Application menu, or the "More" setting in the display preferences panel.

To manually initiate a sync to the server with Paper Mache, select the sync button in the Folders toolbar or from the Application menu.


For questions about the Paper Mache application, contact or visit the website at

For further information about the Instapaper service visit the site , including Instapaper FAQ and Instapaper Support