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Paper Mache is a free application for reading and saving articles to read later on a webOS or Android tablet or phone. Paper Mache is based on the Instapaper API.


Paper Mache is the personal project of Ryan Watkins, and is not related to Instapaper. The application uses the public Instapaper API. Paper Mache debuted on July 1, 2011 with the introduction of the HP webOS TouchPad, and on January 25, 2012 on Android with the open sourcing of the Enyo framework.

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"After using the webOS app on the TouchPad and my Pre3 for months, my initial reactions to Paper Mache running as an Android app were extremely positive. I loaded it up on my TouchPad running Android CyanogenMod 7 and despite a little sluggishness, it worked extremely well. It looked and felt exactly like the Paper Mache that I have come to know and love" Enyo goes Android: Paper Mache on ICS - Adam Marks, webOS Nation

"Eerder schreven we al over de Twitter-app Carbon die binnenkort naar Android toe komt, nu is er weer een app van hoogwaardige kwaliteit die de overstap heeft gemaakt: Paper Mache. Het is een Instapaper-app die op webOS hoge ogen wist te gooien. Met de app kan je artikelen die je via Instapaper hebt opgeslagen lezen." WebOS Instapaper-client Paper Mache nu ook beschikbaar voor Android - Bert van Doorn, Planet Android

"HP had to kick off its Open webOS 1.0 and Enyo 2.0 announcement with some app examples, right? Two popular webOS developers have just released cross platform versions of their Enyo apps, and they are the only proof you need that these apps are ready to spread their wings beyond the webOS coop." - Enyo cross-platform apps: hands-on with Flash Cards and Paper Mache on iOS and Android - Joanna Stern, The Verge and Photos - Video

"That was fast. It's like HP was working with developers on making this happen or something. The very first webOS app based on open source Enyo getting used on another platform has arrived, and it's our favorite Instapaper client Paper Mache. Developer Ryan Watkins has taken advantage of the now entirely open source nature of the Enyo application framework and used it to release his app into the Android Market." First open source Enyo app jumping to other platforms: Paper Mache on Android, FlashCards everywhere - Derek Kessler, webOSNation

"we're quite certain plenty of webOS developers will be making their apps available in the Android Market as soon as possible. One such app that has already made the leap is Paper Mache built by Ryan Watkins." webOS Instapaper app makes leap to Android - Chris Parsons, Android Central

"If you find yourself wanting to save news articles on the web for reading later offline, there are two apps you should know about: Paper Mache makes use of the Instapaper service ($1/month), and ReadOnTouch PRO, which uses the ReadItLater service (free). Both apps will let you check out those articles when you're not near an Internet connection." - webOS App Catalog, 10 January 2012 [Quiet Time]

"for the prior week I'd been saving articles about Man United on my laptop to the Paper Mache app, which works with Instapaper, allowing me to read them in bed on my TouchPad" - webOS Pivot for the App Catalog, 3 November 2011 [page 25] [page 30]

"Ryan Watkins stays true to Marco Arment’s terrific service, and the app does Instapaper justice. Marco gave his own approval of the app on Twitter a few weeks back, and it’s easy to see why." The TouchPad Chronicles – Part II - Astro Aficionado

"The user interface is excellent. I have the offical Instapaper application on the iPad and I found this application nicer to use." Paper Mache [TouchPad] Review - Internet Gumshoe

"... I love Paper Mache on my TouchPad! @marcoarment himself couldn't have done a better job." John Kneeland - @sirkneeland

"Based on my initial impression of @papermacheapp , Ryan Watkins gets it. @marcoarment should be honored." Shawn Blanc - @shawnblanc

"Stellar. A superb Instapaper client with offline reading that uses webOS UI to great effect. If you use instapaper, this is a must-download." - Dieter Bohn

"Great app. IMO Better than the official Instapaper app for the iPad." - Julio G

"Paper Mache is a third-pary Instapaper client for the TouchPad, and an excellent one at that. It has the gorgeous Enyo sliding panes that I love so much, as well as background syncing, adjustable text size, and offline reading. I’ve been a die-hard Instapaper user for years, and this app is perfect for me. If you’re an Instapaper user with a TouchPad who doesn’t have this app, I’d advise you to download it ASAP. It’s one of my most used apps on my TouchPad. I love it." App Bite: Paper Mache for the HP TouchPad - Mobile Unwrapped

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"Third-party Enyo apps for the Pre3 in the App Catalog are a rare sight. In fact, there are only a handful, including Instapaper client Paper Mache" Review: HP Pre3 - Enyo Apps - Derek Kessler,

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"Paper Mache: For Instapaper subscribers, this handy app lets you save web pages to read offline later, and optimizes them for better readability." - A thousand (and one incredible one) reasons to visit the App Catalog Jon Zilber /

"The Touchpad has some superb apps, that look and feel as good as iPad apps. The quantity of apps in its app store is not great, and there are many leading apps that I can’t find webOS versions of – but there are a good number of really top-notch apps for the TouchPad. Just to name a few: USA Today, TapNote, Guardian Zeitgeist, and Paper Mache (an Instapaper client)." - The TouchPad, the Kindle Fire, And If There Was Any Justice - iPad Insight