An Enyo 2.0 Scroller kind that "snaps" to specific scroll positions for the controls it contains. Similar to the Enyo 1.0 SnapScroller control. An optional "peek" parameter allows you to partially show items to the left or right, as normally the "snap" aligns the side of the item with the side of the container. Fires "onSnap" and "onSnapFinish" events.

The logic for which direction to snap to is simple - its just the delta between the scroll start position and the current position - it snapping in the direction dragged.

Source and examples available at

Tested platforms include: Android 2+, iOS 5+, Chrome 17+, Safari 5.1+, Firefox 10+

More Examples:

Vertical SnapScroller
Peeking SnapScroller
Two Nested SnapScrollers

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